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Andrea Pérez Bejarano

Andrea Pérez Bejarano, begins his approach to the circus through the Alicante Association of Circus, which becomes a member during the college years. He began his artistic circus career groping for finding different circus disciplines until she found the one she will dedicate her life for: the acrobatics. For years she attends many different courses and workshops such as aerial technique, ground acrobatics and acrobatic porté with artists like Manu Buttner, Silvia Navarro, Antonio Segura, Azulkillas, Cia Arritmados … which lets her make her first creation in acrobatic porté with her partner Guillem Fluixá, participating in several galas and festivals like the IV Meeting of Amateur Theater in La Nucía (Alicante), several editions of the Mucho Mayo (Cartagena) festival, Elx al Carrer Festival (Elche), the X Anniversary Gala Donyet Ardit, UMH-Niger Charity Gala. It is in 2011 when he makes the big step to the professional world when she joined the Voala Project Company with its show Muaré. She assists to some of the major festivals worldwide such as Just for Laughs in Montreal or the Stockton Riverside festival in the UK. In that year she begins working with Jon Sádaba and Guillem Fluixá and creating an acrobatic show. In 2012 they set up La Trócola company which they present 3xTes, a show focused on movement and dance. The next show, created with Jon Sádaba, is called “Coats” and has an important theatral base. Currently La Trócola is working on a medium length show, based on the different disciplines they play and the investigation of the objects, structures and movement.