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Cristina López

 Cristina López, after graduating in Physical Education, she chooses to continue their personal formation in the circus field and specifically in the German wheel and juggling. She participates in the X and XI International Training Campus of German Wheel (Valencia and Turku, Finland, respectively). At the same time she continues developing as a juggler with teachers like Miguel Solano, Sean Gandini and Kati Ylä-Hokkala. Lover of dancing, she does try different styles: classic, contemporary, funky and tap. She starts working with different shows, some in her own (Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps) and others accompanied by (Passing Circus Band, Habili2, Super Circus Fashion …), fusing the German Wheel with juggling, which leads her to participate in the X Anniversary of Donyet Ardit in Alicante, the Cabaret, the V Alicante Circus Convention Gala, the XVIII Valencia Circus Cabaret, Circus Lebeche. She participates with La Debacle Company in multiple galas and festivals such as III Circus Festival “Circada” in Seville, the contemporary art festival in Torrevieja, the III Performing Art Festival “Circolmedo” in Olmedo, the II Circus Festival “Circaltea” in Altea, the V Young Talents Festival “Much More May” in Cartagena, the V International Street Art Festival “Elx al Carrer”, the inaugural gala of the film festival “CINESTRAT IV”, the III Alicante humor festival, the charity festival for Haiti in Alicante, the charity gala of the NGO “Clowns Without Borders” in La Pobla de Vallbona, etc.