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Daniel Navarro

Daniel Navarro, begins to juggle as a hobby while he is studying Biology at the University. With the Donyet Ardit Juggling Association he comes in the circus world, taking part in many conventions and getting different courses. Interested in contemporary circus and being aware of the importance of a multidisciplinary formation, he tries clown, mime and physical theater, acrobatics and juggling technique. Regarding the artistic field, he presented different shows both alone (Goodbye Isadora) as accompanied by (The Lisienko Familiy, Another Screw Turning), performing at different local conventions (Castalla, Monóvar, etc) and theaters (Galas XV anniversary Donyet Ardit, UMH Benefit Gala, …). Currently he is developing the project “With Circus Feet” with the company El Circópodo. At the same time he is focused on the pedagogical field of juggling.