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Federico Menini

Federico Menini was born in Argentina. Tireless traveler, comes from the world of architecture and arts, which he studied for several years at universities in different countries: Spain, Chile, Turkey, Mexico and Russia. In this way, he acquired knowledge from different artistic disciplines: sculpture, social theater, video, engraving, photography, drawing, art criticism, scenery design for performing arts, and so on. All of them tools for the circus: the great multidisciplinary art. After more tan fifteen years in the world of circus, his great passion, he has gone to numerous conferences, meetings, and circus conventions around the world.

He has attended to many seminars, workshops and courses: juggling, tightrope-walking, theater, improvisation, balancing, clowning, acrobatics, comic magic, experimental dance…, being taught by experienced teachers: Miguel Solano “Miguelito”, Sean Gandini, Lomi Szil, Pablo Muñoz, Stefan Sing, Santi Malabari, Sergei Ignatov, Carlos Muñoz, Ville Walo, Magic Andreu, José Luis Belga, Antolío, Vincent Berhault, Iñaki Sastre, Lautaro Valenzuela, Jens Sisgaard, Luciana Spadafora, Koldobika Vío, Lucas Escobedo, Gökhan Nasif…

Over the years, he has worked with several companies: Donyet Ardit, Leilandi, Cuca Da Llum, La Trócola. He has also participated as a special configuration in the film “Io, Don Giovanni” (Carlos Saura), and as a main actor in the short movies “Cabezas de Gamba”, and “Don and Yet” (Ciudad de la Sombra). On the other hand he has done extensive work as a circus performer: Pozitif Ol and Kabile (turkish companies), “Oyun” (Theatre of Alboraya, Valencia), “Sinoya” (National Turkish Circus Convention), “Fedi-To-Bolas” (National Hungarian Circus Convention), and “Tótem“ (Mime Festival of Sueca, Valencia) . He has also been a member of Circle Space of Santiago de Chile.