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Juan D López

With just 21 years old, Juan D. López leaves the hotel industry to discover the fantastic world of the entertainment business.
He starts assembling and disassembling stages and all the lighting material. After many years, he addresses to the scene lighting field. After 10 years rolling all over Spain he focuses on the theatre and dance field. He has worked in different live music festivals such as “La mar de músicas” in Cartagena, Jazz Festival in Cartagena, 3 Cultures Festival, Audiobox. He starts working as a lighting technician in Párraga Center (scenic art investigation center) but then he changed to work in different Murcia auditoriums.
After a long career, he finally arrives to The Circus Theater of Murcia. In parallel he works in “Muaré” an aerial show of the Voalá Project Company. Is in that time, when he knows some people that work in El Circopodo, and that is why he become member of that company. And remember: all of you have your own light.