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Pablo Medina

Pablo Medina, while he is studying Agricultural Engineering he spends his free time forming in juggling, dance and clown with teachers like Raul Bernal, Koldo Vío, Gotzon Mujica, Jesus Jara, Sean Gandini, Kati Ylä-Hokkala, José Luis Belgian, Maksim Komaro. With the knowledge acquired and many time of practicing he gets to the stage for first time in 2003, participating in the Gala of the 26th European Juggling Convention (Svendborg, Denmark) with the number “Juggling orchestra”. Since then, he has not stopped performing: I Valencia Juggling Convention, I Lion Juggling Convention, UMH Niger Charity Gala (Alicante), Circus-camping Vitoria, Brisa Cabaret, XVIII Valencia Cabaret circus, Circus Lebeche, IV Alicante Circus Convention. Among his creations we may point out it individual show “A stop along the way” and his performance with Leilandi company that played a great club passing in group show. He set up with two more people La Debacle Company with whom they played in many galas and festivals such as the III Circus Festival “Circada” in Seville, the contemporary art festival in Torrevieja, the III Performing Art Festival “Circolmedo” in Olmedo, the II Circus Festival “Circaltea” in Altea, the V Young Talents Festival “Much More May” in Cartagena, the V International Street Art Festival “Elx al Carrer”, the inaugural gala of the film festival “CINESTRAT IV”, the III Alicante humor festival, the charity festival for Haiti in Alicante, the charity gala of the NGO “Clowns Without Borders” in La Pobla de Vallbona, etc.